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Say what? There's how many appointments?

Updated: May 28, 2021

There are a ton of appointments that go into growing a baby. Your significant other's OB may have her going every couple of weeks to weekly or more or less. Be prepared! There are a ton of doctor visits. This is good! Mommy and baby will end up very close with their OB by the end of the 9 months and you should be too. The mother of your child should be comfortable with the OB, as they are going to be very close and you should be too. If you have any doubts in your mind, make sure you let your significant other know! They may be feeling the same way, but not communicating that. Doctor shop if you have to until you both feel comfortable. Like I said, mom will be going what seems like all the time and there's no point in going somewhere that makes you and her uncomfortable.

When it comes to being the dad during a pregnancy, it is very important that you stay in the know. When I found out my wife was pregnant, I made a promise to attend every doctor appointment throughout the pregnancy, to which I achieved I might add. I felt as though it was equally important for me to be in the office as it was for baby and mommy. There are so many seemingly scary things about pregnancy that it is very important to stay in the know. The OB will guide you on the next steps, every step of the way. He or she will become a valuable teammate throughout the course of the pregnancy.

Prepare for the doctor appointments by making lists of questions. Make a list for you and a list for her. This shows her that, a, you are paying attention to what she is saying and b, you get the answers to your own questions. This makes you a responsible dad-to-be in her eyes and gets you some extra points you might be able to cash in later. It also shows your commitment to becoming a dad. The first official act as a dad to be, should be to become a well informed dad. I must admit, although I did make every appointment, I slacked in the question asking department. This usually left me to my own devices, such as searching for answers online. Make your list. Even if your question seems trivial, ask it. There are no such things as stupid questions when it comes to growing a baby. Your significant other will thank you for it and your unconscious, overactive daddy-to-be brain will also thank you for it. I can recount many sleepless nights where I laid awake thinking of questions I should have asked when we were at the appointment earlier in the day. Keep a notebook next to your bed. As a question pops into that overactive brain, write it down. Not only will you have the question saved for the next visit, you might be able to quiet your mind to get some sleep. On a side note, make sure you get that sleep now, because you are going to be in for a surprise down the road!

If you are going to attend the office visits, good. If not, make sure your significant other has your questions on hand and ready to go. Be the responsible dad. Ask the questions. Stay in the know.

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