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Boy or Girl? Let's make it a party!

The exciting gender reveal party! This a great time! Depending on how you and your baby momma decided to do things, you either:

A) Already know the gender of your growing little and are planning on surprising your family and friends


B) You have no idea. You, your baby momma and the OB have set into motion one of the most clandestine plans known to man. Thus keeping you or your baby momma or both of you in the dark as your baby grows.


Option A and B are both very good options depending on your baby plan. There are some obvious pro's and con's to both so let's dive a little deeper into each option and maybe I can help you get on the same page as your significant other. I do recommend doing the gender reveal before a baby shower, because steer the baby shower in the direction of the gender, but that is completely up to you!

Throughout this post I will introduce some swag from Amazon to help you feel inspired. I receive a meager commission if my readers end up clicking on the link and purchasing. Don't worry! These links are 100% safe and reliable!


Option A)

So you and your baby momma couldn't wait to be surprised by the news. Your eyes were no doubt glued to the ultra-sound screen waiting and hoping for the tell tale signs of what you are hoping for. If the baby has cooperated and is in prime viewing position the doctor will stop, analyze and look for gender parts. Your breath is held, you are sweating, and your fingers are crossed. Boy or girl, what will it be? And then, after what seems like an eternity of waiting, hoping, and praying... The results are in!

Now, you have yet another secret to keep! You know what your baby will be and now you have to execute yet another clandestine plan of secrecy, shell games and maybe some "white" lies to throw people off your trail.

You put in the work, gone to your appointments and now you hold the secret. Pick yourself up a t-shirt and wear it with pride fellas! This may be the only secret your significant other will be willing to let you keep!


  • Knowledge

  • Clothes Picking

  • Nursery Planning

  • Baby Name seeking

  • Gender Reveal Party Planning


  • Secret Keeping

  • Upsetting Grandma / Grandpa

  • Prying tactics

  • Foot in mouth disease

  • Temptation

For the pro end of the list, let's expand on each idea:

Knowledge: Obviously, the old adage of, "Knowledge is power". Dad's wield this knowledge like a sword. Like I mentioned before, this is probably the only secret your girl is willing to let you keep. Exercise great patience, but understand the great power this has. You will have power over many people with prying eyes and impatience.

Clothes Picking: Some dad's don't get a kick out of this, but some do. When I learned that I was going to be a girl dad, I started shopping for all the cool tomboy-ish clothes I could find! Now obviously my taste has changed over the last year and a half, I'm more apt to dress my daughter in "cutsie" girl clothes, but don't get me wrong. Pink camo and hunting stuff is still at the top of my list.

Nursery planning: This goes without saying, but dad's, your girl will be in charge of this planning. You will have little input into the design and layout portion. You will be instead, charged with putting together all of the furniture, fumbling through poorly written instructions, painting and more. That's okay! Remember, you two are the team, let her stress out over the planning portion and you follow up with the execution.

Baby naming: Now that you know what you are having dad's, it's time to start coming up with a name. I wont go into detail on this particular post, as I have a whole post dedicated to names and naming.

Gender Reveal Party Planning: I have to admit, I was kind of a baby nerd when it came to the gender reveal party. I was super pumped for this party. I think I may have been more into it than my wife, (don't tell her). Although, I really wanted my first to be a boy, I quickly fell in love with the idea of having a girl (I wouldn't have it any other way, now).

You get to cater an entire event around the second biggest secret of your life! Make it your own! Get out there and create a memorable event that you can replay in your mind over and over for a life time. When my wife and I had our gender reveal party, we knew the gender of our baby and we took it a step farther and revealed what her name would be the same day.

For the con's:

Secret Keeping: This one is quite obvious. Some of us guys are better at keeping secret's than others. Now, I preach honesty and integrity in my everyday life, but keeping a secret like this is certainly a tough task.

Upsetting family: Now my wife and I didn't personally experience this, I have heard that keeping the sex of your child a secret can cause to hurt feelings with family and friends. This will likely take a toll on you and your partner depending on your situations, but be resolved in your secret. It will only benefit your family in the long run. This could be a great exercise in setting familial boundaries as well (more on that in a separate post).

Prying Tactics: Your girl and you will be the victim of every type of prying tactic in the book. Every which way you turn, someone will be using some sort of dark psychology against you, in hopes to getting one of you to spill the beans. Be mindful that no one is trying to be malicious, but some people are more patient than others. Some people will lose sleep over the question. Again, utilize restraint and patience. Don't spill the beans, fellas!

Foot in mouth disease: Like it or not, we all fall victim to this at one point or another. Be careful when speaking about the topic. I fell victim to this myself and had to quickly maneuver around the topic to remain resolute. It happens to the best of us. Just be cautious not to step on that landmine or put your foot in your mouth. If your s-o finds out you inadvertently spilled the beans, you mind end up on the couch for a time.

Temptation: If you are anything like me, you will find it EXTREMELY tempting to tell someone. Whether that be a family member or a friend, a co-worker or some rando. It is VERY tempting to talk. Be the anti-Nike and JUST. DONT. DO. IT. You will thank yourself later.


Planning the event is fairly straight forward. This is just like any other party that most of us has planned, with the exception of the theme.

Location / Date / Time: Choosing the location, date, and time are probably the most important aspects of the party. It sets into motion the major details surrounding the party itself. It also answers how the action of revealing the gender will take place.

Guest list: Get with your partner and start putting together the guest list. Make sure you check this twice or even three times. Like planning a wedding guest list, the gender reveal guest list is very important and you don't want to leave anyone out.

Food and Drink: Figure out what the guests are going to be eating. This can be elaborate or as easy as you want. I always opt for the easy route, hamburgers and hot dogs. Cost effective and can feed a large group with minimal effort. Catering, depending on the size of the event could also be an effective method to feed the masses.

Decorations: Obvious. You need to decorate. This may not necessarily be the man's forte, but it goes without saying. This needs to be done. Check out my examples below.


Gender reveal: This is the fun part. How are you going to reveal the gender? My wife and I opted for large balloons filled with colored powder. One balloon had the color and one balloon had the color plus a name. Get creative fellas, the sky is the limit when it comes to the actual reveal. I have seen many different options from fireworks, to exploding targets, to balloons and confetti.

Get creative! But most importantly, going off of the not-so-subliminal messaging of my blog... Communicate with your partner and knock this out as one kickass baby having team!

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