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20 years: Today

Twenty years ago, today:

I sat in class beginning my day. Little did I know our lives would change in mass that September day.

I watched a teary-eyed child appear in the door, What he spoke of left my jaw on the floor.

He explained about a terrible crash, a plane flew into a building, leaving a cloud of smoke and ash.

We were hurried out the door, To another room, on a different floor.

We arrived at the room and clicked on the TV, What I saw would forever change me.

Twenty years ago, today:

I watched a second plane crash into the tower, I knew right away this was the result of evil power.

Live on TV I was not prepared for what I would see, people would jump from the buildings and flee.

We saw the blood and the gore,

Our bravest of heroes, clearly shaken to the core.

we saw the lives ending, As the towers began bending.

The first tower fell as people were inside, All I could think of were the poor souls trying to hide.

The second tower collapsed, Full of people who were trapped.

Police and fire rushed to the scene, Many never left those buildings, I thought it was a bad dream.

Twenty years ago, today,

I watched the aftermath of where the towers would lay, I saw many boats in the Harbor that would carry people away.

Emerging from the smoke and the ash, Survivors were making a mad dash.

But what I saw would give me a glimmer of hope, I saw people helping people without saying nope.

They picked each other up and walked hand and hand, For I realized we live in the greatest of lands.

Patriots were born from every walk of life, Cut from the same cloth with a very sharp knife.

Race wasn’t an issue on that September day, People helped people in every which way.

We came together under “United We Stand”, And for once we truly cared, about each and every man.

Twenty years ago, today,

Our flag flew high and proud, Americans united amongst the clouds.

We held each other tighter and came together, As though we were one big family, and you were my brother.

So much has changed in the twenty years, We have lost so much ground that it gives me fears.

We are again divided, in every which way, Our country is fractured as broken kiln-dried clay.

Politics, fear, and opinion are to blame, For I am scared there’s no way back, from which we came.

Today I have a young child growing up in a world of hate, Served every which way, on the daily plate.

It scares me to death, That hate has this much breath.

We were a proud country once, Now we are only the world's dunce.

Our brothers and sisters fought hard for twenty years, To bring safety and security, to ease us of fears.

Now the time has come and it’s time to go, He pulled the plug and made us a joke.

Stranded Americans, allies, and friends, All trying to frantically make, the nightmare end.

He made us look foolish and turned his back, That seems to be his greatest skill and his knack.

What has become of us scares me the most, I will never look at the evening post.

I will spend my life thinking about that September day, When we all cared and went out of our way.

But I will always cherish the way we were that September Day, The last time we were truly united, in every which way.

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